The dashboard shows you a wide variety of different retention and usage metrics.  Given many apps using OpenBack span time-zones, each day for each user is defined based on the 24 hour period from install/first app open.

The metrics available include:

  • Retention Metrics - % of users that opened your app on Day N.
  • Retention Cohorts - This data is based on the cohort you select in the dashboard for which week/month a user opened your app.
  • Rolling Retention - % of users that opened your app after Day N.
  • Return Rate - % of users returning (2nd open or more) within a the time frame you set.
  • Days of Use - Average total number of different days that a user opened your app.
  • Churn Rate / Drop Off Rate - % of users considered churned, given that the have not opened your app in a number of days you define.
  • Churn Prediction - % prediction that users will churn on Day N.