Recent Updates - December 2020

No relevant updates to note.

Recent Updates - November 2020

Starting December 8, 2020, the App Store will require apps to provide information about their privacy practices, including the practices of 3rd party partners. 

Given our mobile edge computing approach, which means user data does not need to leave the device, the out of the box setup for OpenBack means you do not need to provide privacy information specifically due to using the OpenBack v4 SDK given that OpenBack's default set-up fits the criteria stated in the privacy article here -  

This article states that privacy information does not need to be provided if the service fits every aspect below:

  • The data is not used for tracking purposes, meaning the data is not linked with Third-Party Data for advertising or advertising measurement purposes, or shared with a data broker.
  • The data is not used for Third-Party Advertising, your Advertising or Marketing purposes, or for Other Purposes.
  • Collection of the data occurs only in infrequent cases that are not part of your app’s primary functionality, and which are optional for the user.
  • The data is provided by the user in your app’s interface, it is clear to the user what data is collected, the user’s name or account name is prominently displayed in the submission form alongside the other data elements being submitted, and the user affirmatively chooses to provide the data for collection each time.

If you have questions based on your specific configuration and use of the OpenBack solution, please reach out to us anytime.